What Advertising Cannot Do

Advertising is just one of many tools you need to market your business. It’s the process of communicating with your customers. While this is extremely important, it is by no means an end in itself. The reason I say this is because I often meet people that say things like “I tried advertising on TV and it didn’t work” or “Outdoor advertising has never worked well for my business…” The mistake that they are making is assuming that the media used is responsible for the success or failure of a campaign.

An advertising campaign cannot perform beyond the quality of its content. No matter where or how you spend the money, the results will always be proportional to the quality of the conversation you create with your customers. If your advertising campaigns are not generating the results you expect, start by analyzing the content of the message. Chances are that’s where you’ll find the most opportunity for improvement. Try coming up with multiple concepts and testing them with small, inexpensive ad schedules. Once you find a message that works, it’s very easy to amplify the results by spending more on an ad campaign that reaches more people.

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