Looking For A Job In Advertising?

There’s no question that working in the marketing business is exciting, fun, and rewarding. But like any other job, it’s not all puppy dogs and roses.

Prior to starting Contact Media, I spent over a decade in broadcast advertising sales. Many of my clients were advertising agencies that bought and placed advertising schedules on behalf of their clients (as I do now, ironically).

As you might imagine, media buyers at these agencies are bombarded by calls and emails from advertising sales people on a daily basis. It’s a tough job and it requires a thick skin and solid negotiating skills.

Of course, things don’t always run smoothly in the world of advertising and occasionally a sales rep finds themselves on the receiving end of a first-class ass-chewing from one of these lovely media buyer types.

It was just this sort of event that inspired the creation of this “recruitment ad” for aspiring advertising account executives. Enjoy!

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