Social Media ROI

Yesterday I wrote a post on taking action. The point was that it is very easy to get caught up in endless discussions about how and why to execute a new marketing strategy instead of just doing it. Of course you want to make informed decisions but in many cases deliberation is the enemy of progress.

Social media tools are new but the concept is as old as marketing itself. It’s nothing more than good old-fashioned networking amplified by Internet technology. Customer service. Relationship building. Communication. That’s it.

Businesses often fear new technology. The impulse is to sit on the sidelines waiting for proof that something works. Unfortunately, waiting for someone else to prove a particular strategy or tactic works often means that you’ve missed the opportunity to capitalize on it.

The fact is that many businesses are not only using social media but they are using it profitably. They are trying new things and reaping the rewards of early adoption. They are putting in the time and the effort and they are succeeding because of it.

Want to know what taking action looks like? Still looking for proof that social media isn’t just a bunch of people sharing what they had for lunch? Take a look at this:

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