Time and Money

Prior to the Internet, money was the throttle that governed an advertiser’s ability to dominate a market. More money meant larger ads in the paper, more ads on TV, and more billboards around town. The goal was to spend as much as you could, sell more stuff, and then reinvest in more advertising. Scarcity kept the system in balance. There were a limited number of providers that could deliver an audience and there were limited dollars to spend.

The Internet gives anyone a broadcasting platform. YouTube videos often generate larger audiences than TV programs. Many blogs routinely attract more readers than the local newspaper. This doesn’t make traditional media obsolete but it does make it possible for businesses that cannot afford traditional media to achieve equal footing by substituting time for money.

In the online world content, not money, is king. It costs nothing to write useful blog posts, create a LinkedIn profile, or to use Twitter – but it does take time. In addition to time it takes patience. Social marketing has more to do with building relationships than selling. The results don’t come right away. You have to provide value for an extended period of time before you can expect a return. The good news is that it will not drain your bank account while you’re waiting.

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