What’s Your Ideal Client?

We’ll be the first ones to tell you that we’re not right for everyone. You don’t have to poke around this site for long to see that we operate differently from most of the other advertising firms out there. We have pretty strong opinions about marketing and share them openly and honestly.

We operate this way because there’s just too much B.S. floating around in the world of advertising and lots of companies waste unbelievable amounts of money because of it. It’s a big industry with a lot of legacy players that are either unwilling or unable to break free from outdated practices in favor of new ones that are more accountable.

We don’t have any interest in developing theoretical solutions for clients. We like to build systems that create revenue in a manner that is both reliable and measurable.

Our clients come to us when they are fed up with the wish-washy stuff. They are serious about not just sustaining their business, but growing it with ferocity. They are smart enough to know that they don’t know everything and are open to learning and trying new ideas. If that sounds like you, then you’d probably fit right in.

On the other hand, we’re probably not a great fit for you if you believe that:

  • Focus groups are the best way to determine the success of an advertising campaign.
  • Great brands and great companies are built on brand advertising.
  • “Awareness building” should be the primary goal of an advertising campaign.
  • Results and spending levels always go hand in hand.
  • Advertising is largely a game of luck.
  • Successful advertising is based on choosing the right media.
  • Great marketing cannot dramatically transform a business.
  • Marketing is little more than a necessary evil.

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