Creative Development

The Marketplace Determines Great Creative.

Typical advertising agencies like to come up with “big ideas” for clients. They do some research, read some blogs and take a look at what the competition is doing. Then, at some point, they decide on the concepts they are going to present to the client as if they alone hold the key to brilliant marketing. This is ridiculous.

First of all, know one knows for sure what’s going to work and what isn’t. I don’t care how many David Ogilvy books you’ve read or how many ADDY awards you have on display; your opinions about branding, design, pop-culture and consumer trends will never replace nor outperform the feedback that comes from proper market testing. The initial stages of creative development are precision-guessing at best.

The most talented minds in the business can only help you get darts on the board. Hitting the bull’s-eye requires trial and error. The notion that a bunch of ad agency creative types can get together and stumble magically upon a concept that will generate optimal returns is the height of arrogance.

Our definition of great creative is creative that generates revenue. Plain and simple. Does this mean that we don’t pay attention to design? Of course not. We want to present all of our clients in their best possible light. But I can tell you this: we won’t hesitate for one second to change a headline or an ad layout from the one everyone loved to the one nobody liked if the one nobody liked delivers a higher conversion rate than the prettier version (believe me, it happens).

Almost any agency can create nice-looking ads. We feel that ads should be the last step of a long process that most agencies skip over rather quickly to get to the business of making ads. We care about creative. We really do. But what we care about the most is designing marketing plans that accomplish pre-determined goals tied to ROI metrics. When you work with us, you will see that we spend as much time preparing a sound strategy as we do producing the ads themselves. You’re going to love the work not only for how it looks and sounds, but also for the results it delivers.

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