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Contact Media is a Tampa Marketing Firm that helps businesses move beyond traditional “awareness building” advertising campaigns and into true lead generation marketing that can be tracked, measured, and optimized continuously over time.

Advertising used to be all about gaining share of voice in the marketplace. If you could afford to shout louder than your competitors (i.e. buy more ads) eventually your business would become “top of mind.” That was fine back when there were fewer things competing for your customers attention.

But things have changed dramatically. You can no longer count on clever TV ads and coupons in the local paper to drive new customers to your business. People simply don’t pay any attention to advertising for things they are not interested in at that very second.

Today, businesses need to understand that consumers research their purchases well ahead of time using search engines, social media, customer review sites and other online tools. They aren’t looking for advertising, they are looking for helpful content that will help them make the right decision. At Contact Media, we design advertising campaigns that put our clients right in the middle of this path to purchase.

Instead of shouting about sales gimmicks, years in business, convenient locations, lowest prices and all the other junk that businesses typically promote in their advertising materials we focus on creating informative content that consumers are eager to receive. This is the foundation for building long-term, permission-based relationships that position the business as the obvious leader in their space.

A lot of Tampa Ad Agencies like to stick to the clever stuff. They like to make ads that win awards; and for some businesses that might be enough. But if you dread the thought of sitting through another ad agency presentation about “building your brand” or  “generating awareness in the marketplace” by spending huge dollars in traditional media then it might be worth your time to talk to us.

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